Working Together

The relationship between client and therapist can provide the healing force needed to create change in your life. The right fit between therapist and patient is essential to the success of any treatment. I will support and challenge you in creating the movement that can bring a sense of freedom from being stuck. I will also help you navigate your journey – whether you are addressing current (sometimes urgent) issues, or are trying to resolve past events that still exert their influence on the present.

I will take my cues from you regarding where to start your work. You can begin your story at whichever point you feel comfortable — at the beginning, middle or end. There is no right or wrong way to participate in therapy. Sometimes, just walking through the door and talking about matters previously untouched (a courageous step to take) – can start the healing process. The path to improving your life and self-care has many routes, some of them unexpected. Therapy can be defined as the simple process of getting to know yourself better.